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What is "Vitamins & Me" and how it works?

"Vitamins & Me", is a multivitamin and mineral (MVM) supplements start-up that makes supplements consumption lively and convenient by satisfying our “hidden hunger”. Our USP lies in a technology that provides customers with a 15 point questionnaire that assess their health goals, food habits, prevailing risks, gender and age. Based on the assessment, we ask the customers if they are willing to take our recommendations of supplements that are backed strongly by science. We then send your daily doses into a single pack and send you your 30-day personalized vitamin packs.

Who is involved with “Vitamins & Me”?

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How to start?

Check out our Free Health Assessment and answer a few questions about your diet, lifestyle & health goals, and your personalized recommendations will be ready soon!!

How many vitamin packs do I get?

Our one package contains 30 sachets of vitamin packs and each sachet with your recommended dosages of 2 or 3 capsules.

What is the pricing of each package?

The price of each package is displayed once your recommendations are shown.

How do I know more about what is recommend for me?

We are transparent on what is recommended to you and we don’t hide anything from you including the dosage, ingredients, and certifications and also when you visit our products page we have given details about each vitamin and minerals along with validated scientific data based on Indian population.

“Hidden Hunger” ??? What is it and why should be I take vitamins and minerals?

Our eating habits majorly consist of energy-dense, but low nutrients and foods that are inexpensive leading to nutritional deficiencies.  This leads to “hidden hunger” since we consume excess calories but inadequate micronutrients that are need to stay healthy. These nutrient deficiencies may be fulfilled by foods or MVMs that are consumed within the right doses of recommended dietary allowances (RDA).

Where are your vitamins packs manufactured and packed?

All our vitamins are manufactured in India at facilities that follow strict GMP regulations, certified as WHO-GMP facility by regulatory authorities and additionally USFDA registered Nutraceutical plants.

Do you have more recommendations than you presently have?

We are working on it for you and soon we will be launching a wide variety of supplements for you to get a hand on it.

Do you ship all over India?

Yes, we have partnered with one of biggest logistics provider in India to get your packs delivered on time.

Are all our login details safe with you?

Yes and please go through our Terms of service to know more details.

Do I get cured from diseases if I take your vitamins?

Our product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These are supplements used to fill your nutritional gaps only.